Considering the next step in your energy transition? We’re your trusted partner and an essential source of integrated expertise and insight.

As one of the only global infrastructure companies accredited by the 美国’s National Association of 能源 Service Companies (NAESCO), we’re at the forefront of environmental and social impact consulting, 能源效益服务, renewable energy solutions and grid modernization. And we’re committed to delivering a just energy transition.

Meeting your toughest challenges, head-on

Our multidisciplinary teams bring together more than 20 years of expertise across all aspects of the energy transition. The strengths and weaknesses of every type of renewable. The challenge of connecting biomass, 太阳能, wind and hydroelectric generating systems to local networks. And the far-reaching impacts of change on the planet and communities.

We deliver comprehensive solutions from an independent perspective, addressing changes in power generation, modernization of the electric grid and shifting to low- and no-carbon fuels. As well as rethinking how, where and when energy is consumed.

We help our clients plan their transition, get a practical roadmap for change and understand the broader social impact of their choices. So whether you’re evaluating offshore wind and 氢, decarbonizing transportation or modernizing grids, the transition is a just and equitable one.

Our integrated approach to project and program delivery fused with our global experience means you can rely on us as a single-source provider for the delivery of critical energy infrastructure services. From front-end studies and new construction through to the decommissioning and closure of facilities, we’re ready to meet your toughest energy challenges.

Customizing to fit your exact needs

Our ability to deliver customized energy services is unmatched. 我们的工程师, 科学家们, planners and construction specialists create customized solutions based on:

  • The technology that best fits your needs
  • Innovative solutions from our global technical practice network
  • Tailored tools and processes, based on decades of experience

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • 能源转型咨询
  • 允许和同意
  • Technology and equipment review
  • 设计与工程
  • Project and construction management
  • 项目管理

Your energy transition partner

We’re here to help you confidently take the next step toward a more sustainable and resilient future and navigate a complex energy transition.

From vision and strategy to stakeholder engagement, 允许, 设计, 部署, 集成和交付, our multidisciplinary teams are trusted to deliver integrated expertise across all aspects of the energy transition.

We bring clarity to the strengths and weaknesses of solutions like ,替代燃料; 微型电网 和可再生能源. And we highlight and prioritize the impact of the decisions made today on the world tomorrow.

The advantage of our services lies in the insight and hands-on experience we have working with utilities, 政府, 监管机构和投资者. This forward-thinking approach is our guiding principle – now and at every stage of your energy transition.